BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Providing large scale video content for digital signage is what we do best; especially when we have the best talents for the job at our disposal. Digital signage expert and Art Director, Chad Wixom, lent us his expertise and availability to execute a full 8 minute 7680×1080 video wall content playlist for one of the largest personal use consumer retail clients in the world.

From early January to early April we worked diligently to capture content that was relative to the branding for Rite-Aid’s beauty section. We centralized ideas that told a story of integrating lifestyle with beauty in relation to the retailers “category rings” which headline as ‘Beauty, Wellness, Wine & Spirits, Food, Home Care and Fitness’. After early rounds of shooting, we were asked to abandon this direction and focus on ambient beauty and serene environments.

We flew a few directors of photography, Greg McDonald & team, up from LA, and hired local Chad Wixom to design, art direct and produce the motion design and sound editing and manage the delivery pipeline.

From sandy beaches, surfers, flowers to the backwoods hiking in the NW, we packed large amounts of gear and captured some amazing 8k shots by combining two RED Epic cameras with two dragon chips side by side on a custom made slider mount to sync the shots and stitch them together.

The content was synced together by 16 LED panels that comprised of four (4) 1920×1080 arrays. 4x Mac Minis using ~sedna Presenter Players drove the backend to produce the more than 8 minutes of stunning colorful content combined with custom audio solutions.

It would seem shooting nature and simplicity would be a drop in the bucket, but we were met with some challenges throughout the assignment that you can only learn by doing. This experience has awarded us as true experts in a growing field. We look forward to exploring more retail client projects of this magnitude in the years to come.